Chess Kings & Queens Academy

Our aim is to offer a solution that simplifies the improvement journey for chess players. Leveraging years of coaching experience, our curriculum breaks down complex patterns into manageable weekly lessons. Homework assignments target specific skills, allowing students to address problem areas systematically and build their expertise one step at a time.

Beginner I

Introduction to the game of chess. We teach students about the basic rules of the game, setting up the board, learning about the pieces and movements

Unrated | 1 month

Beginner II

Students learn the concept of check and checkmate and how one can end the game. They are also taught more about piece movements, capturing and defending their pieces

Unrated | 1 month

Pawn 1

Students learn basic opening principles like center control, importance of keeping the king safe and simple tactical ideas like double attack and pins are taught at this level.

100-400 | 6 - 8 months

Pawn 2

Students practice more to keep control of the game which involves not hanging pieces, paying attention to basic attack and defense. Students also learn more special moves like En-Passant and two move tactical ideas like removing the defender and learn to navigate through opening traps

300-700 | 8 - 10 months

Pawn 3

Students start learning from Grandmasters and world champions and their strategies. They are taught to think two or three moves in depth now. Students also begin learning basic endgames at this level

700-1000 | 10 - 12 months


At this level students are beginning to learn in-depth opening ideas and start making specific opening repertoires. Students are also learning more endgames and working on basic calculation methods like finding candidate moves and building small calculation tree

1000-1300 | 1 - 1.5 years


Students are introduced to strategical concepts at this level. They learn basic pawn structures and the foundations of planning.



Students jump more in-depth on pawn structures and the understanding of the battle between strategic and dynamic play. At this level students also do more training games where they are given practical positions to play out the game



This level focuses on fine-tuning the skills learned in previous levels. Students learn to analyze games in-depth and develop advanced strategic ideas. Students also start learning about specific endgame theory and advanced tactics.


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